Affordable Denture Repair

Broken dentures can have a negative impact on your appearance and seriously compromise your chewing function. If your denture is broken, professional repair is the most effective way to restore it. At-home fixes are temporary solutions, which can further compromise your restoration and negatively impact your oral health. At Sandcreek Dental in Idaho Falls, IDDr. Mark Tall offers affordable denture repair in partnership with a trusted dental laboratory, which can help you avoid the need for a new restoration. Using advanced dental materials and methods, we can repair full or partial dentures with unparalleled precision and accuracy. Our top priority is to maintain the appearance and comfort of your original appliance so you can go back to enjoying life again.

technician repairing a denture
We partner with a trusted dental laboratory to provide affordable and effective denture repair.

When to Repair Your Dentures

Today’s dentures are crafted from durable, high-quality dental materials. However, they are not impervious to damage, especially after years of wear and tear. Even the strongest, most resilient dentures will eventually break or crack from daily pressure and force.

Bringing your denture in for professional repair as soon as possible can save you a significant amount of money in the long run.

Dentures can also break due to accidental damage, which is why it is important to store them properly when you are not wearing them. In addition, an older set of dentures can become uncomfortable and require relining or rebasing. Typically, dentures need to be relined about every two years and replaced every eight years. Dr. Tall can check your denture during your regular exam and recommend minor repairs to maintain the comfort and function of your restoration.

Risks of Home Repair

If you are faced with a broken denture, it can be tempting to try and repair it yourself. While this may seem like a harmless idea, doing so can actually result in serious oral health issues. The slightest alteration in fit can cause your denture to become unbalanced, changing your bite. Bite issues can lead to a number of concerns – most notably, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder. It is also important to note that at-home repairs can end up damaging the prosthesis further. In these cases, you may need to buy a brand-new denture, rather than simply pay repair costs for the one you have. 

Benefits of Professional Denture Repair

When it comes to professional denture repair, there are plenty of advantages, such as:

  • Improved oral health: In a professional dental lab, the technicians can make adjustments to ensure an optimal fit, reducing the risk of jaw pain. Properly fitting dentures also improve overall function, enhancing your biting and chewing abilities.
  • Enhanced comfort: Broken or ill-repaired dentures cause poor force distribution, affecting your ability to chew comfortably. Professional denture repair can restore the comfort of your smile.
  • Pleasing aesthetics: Well-fitting dentures look natural and lifelike, so you can smile with confidence again.
  • Cost-effectiveness: At-home repairs are rarely reliable. In addition, patients run the risk of damaging the prosthesis further. Bringing your denture in for professional repair as soon as possible can save you a significant amount of money in the long run.

While we can handle some minor repairs in our office, Dr. Tall sends most of our dentures to a trusted dental laboratory. When the dentures return to our office, he can check the fit and appearance of your appliance and make any necessary adjustments to ensure your comfort and oral health.

Learn More about Affordable Denture Repair

If you are suffering with a broken partial or full denture, consider what our professional denture repair service can do for you. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Tall, contact us online or call our office at (208) 525-4780.

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