dental implants

Dental Implants

Losing teeth can affect every aspect of your life. Common tasks, such as chewing and speaking, can become uncomfortable and embarrassing.

At Sandcreek Dental in Idaho Falls, ID, we offer dental implants, a solution that provides improved comfort, oral function, and aesthetics.

Why have patients throughout Ammon and Blackfoot turned to dental implants?

dental implants

Dental Implants Mimic the  Qualities of Natural Teeth for Unrivaled Results

A Lifetime of Benefits

Crafted from biocompatible titanium, dental implants can last 40 years or more with proper care. While you may eventually need to return to our Idaho Falls practice for a new restoration, the implants themselves can provide lifelong benefits.

Improved Jaw Health

When a tooth is lost, the surrounding bone is resorbed by the body. Implants act as artificial tooth roots, stimulating the jawbone to prevent tissue loss and maintain a stable foundation for your remaining teeth.

Restored Confidence

Unlike removable dentures, restorations supported by implants stay firmly in place. This added stability means you can eat, speak, and smile with confidence. Implant-supported restorations can even provide an improved quality of life.

Never Heard of Implants? 

Implants are small posts made of medical-grade titanium. Titanium is biocompatible, so it gradually fuses with bone tissue in a process called osseointegration. Once they fuse with the bone, implants mimic the function of tooth roots, connecting crowns, bridges, and dentures directly to the jawbone in a stable, secure, and natural-looking way.

For decades, dentists have used restorations supported bytitanium implants to replace missing teeth. Because today's materials, techniques, and technology are more advanced than ever before, implants have an excellent success rate of better than 95 percent

Losing Multiple Teeth Is  a Common Problem for Adults

Tired of Slipping or Smacking Dentures?

Many patients come to our Idaho Falls dental office because they are tired of living with uncomfortable, ill-fitting, or noisy removable dentures. If you have a removable denture that is still in good condition, Dr. Tall can help you transition into implant-supported dentures. 

Held in place by implants, this type of denture is a more comfortable, natural-looking, and stable alternative that will not slip out of place when you talk or eat, allowing you to feel confident and enjoy your favorite foods

Are Dental Implants  Right for Me?

Dental implants add a level of comfort and security that most patients with compromised smiles want. Most patients feel that these benefits are well worth the cost of dental implants. Any patient who requires treatment for tooth loss can be examined to determine which type of dental implant is best for your smile. There are traditional implants, mini implants, and other varieties.

An important factor that determines whether a patient is a good candidate for dental implants is the health of the jawbone. Using advanced technology, our oral surgeon will examine the jawbone to determine if a patient is a candidate for the dental implants procedure or whether a preliminary bone grafting procedure is necessary.

Replacing Teeth with Implants  Can Prevent Further Health Issues

When teeth are lost, a range of other issues can arise, from jawbone atrophy to shifting teeth. Implants act as artificial tooth roots, allowing our dentists to replace the entire structure of your tooth, not just the portion that is visible above the gumline. In doing so, dental implants stimulate the jaw to maintain bone density, the stability of remaining teeth, and the overall health of your smile.

implant-supported crown
Illustration of jaw and dental implant Illustration of jaw and dental implant

Choosing the Right Dentist Makes All the Difference

Due diligence is crucial when deciding who will perform your dental implants. By spending just a few minutes online, you can learn how long a dentist has been in practice, how they learned to perform implant procedures, and how other patients feel about the quality of their work. 

At Sandcreek Dental, our dentist will spend the time to patiently answer any questions you may have and can explain the procedure in-depth during your initial consultation.

Woman reading tablet

We Use Advanced Technology to Improve Your Dentistry Experience

At Sandcreek Dental, we use the latest technology to make treatment safer, more comfortable, and more effective

In addition to our state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment tools, we offer comforting amenities including beverages, snacks, blankets, headphones, and Pandora-equipped media to help you feel calm during your appointment. 

For anxious patients, Dr. Tall also offers a mild form of sedation dentistry to help you relax.

sedation dentistry

Ready to Replace Missing Teeth? Here's How to Prepare

Dr. Tall can determine if you are a good candidate for implant dentistry by evaluating the strength and structure of your bone tissue. If you have some degree of jawbone recession, you might need preparatory treatments such as a bone graft or sinus lift before your implant surgery. In other cases, you can still choose options like All-on-4 or mini implants without first undergoing preparatory procedures.

To ensure that your surgery is smooth and safe, you can prepare by: 

  • Quitting smoking 
  • Ensuring that you are in good overall health
  • Following any pre-operative instructions given by our office 

4 Steps to a Complete Smile

The placement of dental implants is a multi-stage process.

You can choose sedation to make your implant surgery comfortable.
You can choose sedation to make your implant surgery comfortable.


The first step of dental implants treatment is the planning phase. Based on each patient's needs, we will determine which dental restorations will be secured to the dental implants as well as the number of dental implants required and the implant location(s).


The placement of the implants, which is the next step of treatment, will be completed here in our office. Our oral surgeon will make a small opening in the gum tissue at the implant site. The implant will be placed through this opening and into the jawbone. This procedure is performed using anesthesia so that the patient is completely relaxed and comfortable throughout surgery.


Following this phase of treatment, the gums will be given time to heal and the dental implant will be able to fuse with the jawbone in a process known as osseointegration.

Final Restoration

The final stage of treatment will begin once the gums and jaw have healed. An abutment will be attached to the dental implants. This abutment piece will attach the dental restorations to the implants. The bridge, crown, or denture will then be secured to these abutments. 

What Are the Risks? Involved with Dental Implants

Dental implants have a consistently high long-term success rate. However, like all surgeries, implant placement involves a degree of risk. Possibilities include:

  • Infection
  • Improper placement resulting in implants disturbing nerves or the sinus membranes
  • Implant failure

The most effective way a patient can reduce the risk of complications is by choosing a dentist with the right training, experience, and reputation

Dental implant without restoration

A Strong and Secure Foundation

When patients come to our cosmetic dental practice looking to repair a smile damaged by tooth loss, there are many restorative options to consider. However, whether dental crowns, dental bridges, or dentures are the most appropriate restoration for your situation, it is likely that you can benefit from the application of dental implants. Surgically placed in the jaw bone, dental implants act as artificial tooth roots that stimulate the jaw bone and serve as anchors for artificial teeth. For our Ammon, Blackfoot, Rexburg, Shelley, and Idaho Falls patients, dental implants provide a secure foundation for these dental restorations that creates maximum comfort, improved oral functions, and superior aesthetics.

Older gentleman smiling to show a full set of attractive teeth
Dental implants can rebuild lost jawbone strength and keep your smile healthy for years to come. 

Caring for Dental Implants

Aside from the added comfort and security that patients experience, one of the biggest benefits of dental implants is the easy maintenance. Because the dental restorations are anchored to the jaw bone, dental implants can be cared for just as easily as the natural teeth. Regular brushing and flossing are encouraged. Maintaining good oral health is key to the long-term success of dental implants so we educate all of our dental implants patients on effective cleaning methods and good oral hygiene habits.

Dr. Mark Tall

Sandcreek Dental

Dr. Mark Tall and his team in Idaho Falls are dedicated to providing an exceptional dental experience with:

  • Comprehensive care
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Family-oriented approach
  • Genuine patient relationships

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