Strong, Natural-looking Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain crowns on a black backgroundDental crowns are a long-standing, proven method for restoring damaged teeth and correcting cosmetic imperfections. At our practice, Dr. Mark Tall expertly places porcelain crowns for patients in the Idaho Falls area. With our CEREC® milling machine, we can custom craft your new crown in our office, so you do not have to come back for a second appointment to complete your treatment. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and learn more.

About Dental Crowns

Dental crowns can address a variety of dental concerns. A crown can repair and strengthen a tooth affected by a large cavity, a crack, or erosion. Crowns are also used to support and protect a tooth following root canal treatment. Cosmetically, a porcelain crown can change the size and shape of a tooth, or improve the appearance of a dark tooth that does not respond to teeth whitening. Finally, crowns are used to permanently replace teeth. An implant-supported dental crown is the optimal way to replace a single missing tooth. Both traditional crowns and implant-supported crowns are commonly used in full-mouth reconstruction, in which several health and aesthetic concerns are corrected through a phased, comprehensive treatment plan.

Why Choose Crowns?

Due to their superior strength and resilience, porcelain crowns are long-lasting and easy to maintain. In fact, with proper care, your crowns can last for 10 to 15 years. Crowns can be cared for just like your natural teeth. Be sure to brush daily, floss between all teeth (including the crowned teeth), and attend routine dental exams every six months.

There are many cases in which crowns are a more suitable option than alternatives:

  • If you have a large cavity, a crown may be a better solution than a dental filling, inlay, or onlay.
  • Like porcelain veneers, crowns can improve the appearance of teeth. However, they can also restore a damaged tooth, making them a better option for patients also seeking to improve the health and strength of a tooth.
  • If you are missing a tooth, Dr. Tall may recommend an implant-supported dental crown instead of a dental bridge. An implant-supported crown offers oral health benefits that cannot be matched by a traditional dental bridge.

The Crown Procedure

The dental crown procedure is a two-step process that can be completed with one visit to our office. Normally, you would have to wait at least a week for a dental lab to craft your crown, but our CEREC® machine allows us to fabricate your new crown in our office while you wait. First, Dr. Tall will numb the treatment area to make sure you are comfortable. Next, he will shape the tooth to prepare it for the crown, and take digital impressions, which are transferred to the CEREC® machine. The CEREC® system mills the custom crown to your precise specifications. Finally, Dr. Tall bonds the crown to the tooth.

Learn More

With our office’s modern technology, we make dental crown treatment a comfortable, convenient experience. We also offer sedation dentistry for a variety of treatments, including porcelain crowns. To learn more, contact our office today.  

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