How Dental Veneers Can Improve the Look of Your Smile

How Dental Veneers Can Improve the Look of Your Smile from Sandcreek Dental in Idaho Falls, IDDental veneers, artificial shells that go over teeth, can improve your smile in many ways, from concealing irremovable stains to filling in gaps between teeth. Some procedures are only to change the appearance of a smile, while others can also provide a stronger defense against oral issues and infections. Whatever a patient’s personal needs, it is easy to speak to a dentist about getting these restorations for a new look that can boost confidence and self-esteem.

Enhancing a smile through a simple procedure

The process of applying veneers can be much easier and simpler than alternative treatments for repairing a smile. These small shells — made of porcelain or composite — are matched to the patient’s tooth color and bonded to the front of each tooth to create a rejuvenated, whole smile. Sometimes the dentist may contour the shell so that the teeth are the same size and shape. When it is all said and done, patients are left with beautiful smiles, but some may not know if the procedure is really worth it. Here are the top reasons patients choose veneers.

Cracks or chips

Cracks or chips in the front teeth can be very obvious and keep people from smiling due to self-consciousness. Veneers can be placed over damaged teeth, concealing any visible issues. The shells also help stabilize the teeth and prevent further damage.

Misshapen teeth

Teeth can grow in at odd angles or suffer from wear and tear that can make some appear shorter than others. The shells can be applied to elongate each tooth to a matching size, creating a more balanced, even smile. Because the shells are only applied to the front of the tooth, there is no major structural change that could impact a person’s ability to eat.


Stains or tooth discoloration are a common problem among dental patients. Some stains are resilient against treatments that are intended to whiten them. When that happens, veneers can be used instead. The dentist may remove part of the stained tooth and adhere the shell to the surface. To the patient, the tooth will feel the same, but it will be visually appealing with even, white coloration across all teeth.


Gaps between teeth can form from childhood as adult teeth grow in or from minor accidents. If a tooth gap is not wide enough to need a more significant procedure to fix it, a veneer can work just as well. A shell that is wider than the original tooth is bonded onto the tooth and over the gap, seamlessly filling it without replacing any teeth.

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While not the most complicated dental procedure out there, getting veneers is still a big decision. Patients want to make sure they can truly benefit from treatment, and that the results will make a difference in their smile. Talk to a dentist about any damaged or stained teeth to see if this treatment may be a good choice.

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