Ways to Whiten Your Teeth that Don't Involve a Summer Tan By Mark Tall on May 18, 2016

In our previous blog, we talked about the upcoming Idaho Fall’s Farmers Market. We hope that you all made it out to pick up some fresh fare, including their fresh local cheeses. Cheese is tasty, and if you remember from our previous blog, it’s also good for your dental health.

In that same vein, today, we’re going to continue our discussion on food and teeth. Everybody wants white teeth. White teeth are attractive, and they look healthy. Sometimes attaining white teeth is hard, especially if you love coffee and tea. After getting your teeth whitened, there are ways that you can keep them white longer. And, no, the answer isn’t “stop drinking coffee and tea.”


8 Natural Ways to Keep Your Teeth White

There are actually certain foods and tricks you can use to keep your teeth white longer. You can pick a lot of these foods up at the farmer’s market, or your local produce shop. You’ll be surprised at how simple it is to keep your choppers pearly with these 12 natural solutions:

  • Eat a bunch of strawberries. Strawberries are tasty, refreshing, and guess what else? They also help ward off yellow teeth. Even though strawberries seem like they might stain your teeth, because they’re bright red, they actually work as a natural astringent. The malic acid in strawberries removes surface stains. Treat yourself by eating one of the tastiest fruits and whiten your teeth at the same time.

  • Eat some onions. Onions might not make your breath smell fresh, but they’ll help you keep your teeth white. Onions don’t function the same way as strawberries, because there’s not actually a compound that works as an astringent. However, they’re colorless, so they won’t cause stains. They also make your breath smell like a paper factory, making you more likely to brush your teeth afterwards.

  • Use baking soda as toothpaste. You probably have some Arm & Hammer laying around your house. Baking soda can do more than freshen the smell of your refrigerator and loosen up dirt in your carpet. Mix a little water with some baking soda, dab it on your toothbrush, then lightly scrub your plaque and surface stains away. Be gentle with baking soda and use it sparingly, because you don’t want to scrub away your enamel.

  • Eat some broccoli. These little trees are a great crunchy veggie that won’t get trapped between your teeth. The fiber in broccoli florets work to scrub away your surface stains, making them a great midday snack, especially when you’re stuck at the office and can’t get home to give your teeth a good brushing. Some fibrous veggies, like beets, stain your teeth. You won’t have to worry about Broccoli staining your teeth, even though they’re a bright green veggie.

  • Drink water. This is the simplest tip on the list. Drinking water not only keeps your mouth and gums hydrated, it also removes surface stains. Drink water anytime your drinking dark wine, chocolate, coffee, or tea. Drinking with water in between glasses of wine or after a cup of coffee will help reduce acidity and swoosh away pigmentation.

  • Eat pears. Pears are incredibly succulent fruits with a fibrous exterior. Pears increase your saliva production with their sweetness, which washes away bacteria and stain-causing pigments. Eating pears leaves your teeth feeling fresh and sparkling.

  • Eat fibrous seeds and nuts. Hard seeds and nuts have an abrasive effect on your teeth and rub away plaque and stains. Eating a few almonds for your mid-afternoon snack will not only supply you with protein and energy, but they also help you crunch away your tooth stains.

  • Try eating pineapple. Pineapples contain a natural compound called “bromelain.” Bromelain is a cleansing anti-inflammatory. It’s also found to be an effective compound at removing stains. It's also found in some whitening toothpastes.

Beyond eating the right foods, you can also try drinking colored drinks through a straw. Drinking through a straw will allow staining liquids to bypass your teeth, especially when you’re careful about aiming the straw towards the back of your mouth. If you’re trying everything in your means to whiten your teeth, but you're still distressed by discolored choppers, ask us about our teeth whitening treatments.

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