Dental Friendly Farmer's Market Fare By Mark Tall on April 13, 2016

Idaho Fall's Farmer's Market 

We started our blog with the intention of talking about dental health. We also want to use our blog to talk about some of the great local events in the Idaho Falls area.

Today, we want to remind everyone that April is the last month to go check out the indoor farmer’s market, and discuss some farmer’s market food that’s good for your teeth versus food you might want to take extra precaution eating.

In Idaho Springs, we’re lucky to have a farmer’s market all year round. A lot of towns have spring and summer farmer’s markets, then it’s back to shopping at big box grocery stores in the off season. The indoor farmer’s market in Idaho Falls spans from December 12th to April 30th, and opens its doors every Saturday.

The indoor farmer’s market is a little different than the typical summer fare. On the off season, you can expect to find wholesale baked goods from Buttercup Bakery and Bistro. They also sell artisanal handcrafted bread, local cheese from Wood n’ goat garden, and local jams and jellies.

Buttercup Bakery has a variety of fresh baked bread to get you through the week. Not to mention, you can’t get fresher and tastier cheese anywhere else in Idaho Falls. This month, you can also ring in the outdoor farmer’s market season on April 30th.

The Idaho Falls Farmer’s Outdoor Market opens back up this month with everything offered at the indoor farmer’s market, plus fresh fruits and vegetables, live entertainment, handmade crafts, as well as specialty sausage and meat.

The Idaho Falls farmers market offers some of the freshest and tastiest food in the state. It’s a community that’s great for supporting our local farmers. At the Idaho Falls Farmer’s Market, you can get back to the basics by having authentic conversations with the people who are growing your food, so you know exactly how it’s grown, and where it comes from. Eating fresh is good for your overall health and even your dental health. The primary foods that support your dental health are fresh dairy and vegetables.

Eat Cheese for Your Teeth



Although dairy gets a bad rap as being unhealthy, it can actually be really good for your overall dental health. One study by General Dentistry  took 68 participants and separated them into groups that ate cheese, milk, sugar-free yogurt, and a placebo to observe the plaque and pH levels in the mouths.

Tooth erosion occurs when your mouth is too acidic. If your mouth’s pH is lower than 5.5, you’re at a higher risk for tooth decay. With that being said, the higher your mouths pH is above 5.5, the less of a chance you’ll have for developing cavities.

The groups that ate milk, sugar-free yogurt, and the placebo didn’t see any changes in their mouths. The people that ate cheese saw healthy increases in the pH level of their mouth.

It’s not known if cheese has special anti-cavity properties, or if the pH increase is from an increase in saliva production caused by chewing.

Cheese tends to have compounds that stick to your enamel and protects your teeth from acid. Cheese also has healthy amounts of magnesium, phosphorous, and calcium, which are good for the remineralization of your teeth.



Dental Friendly Ways to Eat Baked Goods


While cheese might be good for your teeth, baked goods are a different story. Bread and other refined carbohydrates tend to hangout in the nooks and crannies of your teeth, functioning as food for the bacteria in your mouth. When bacteria consume carbohydrates, they emit acids that lower the pH in your mouth and wear away your enamel.

One way to reduce dental damage from eating bread is by swishing with water afterwards. You should also try flossing and brushing to remove any leftover food that might be stuck in your mouth causing tooth decay. 

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