Tricks for Halloween Treats and Healthy Teeth By Mark Tall on October 15, 2015

In our last post, dental implant provider Dr. Tall and the rest of his staff at Sandcreek Dental in Idaho Falls, ID spoke about comparing tooth replacement options and finding the right one for you. However, today as we look outside the windows in our office, see that the leaves are turning, and feel the slight chill in the air something dawns on us.

It’s that time of year again folks. It’s October, fall is in the air, and all of this means one thing in most people’s minds; candy. We can’t avoid it. During October sweet treats are everywhere. Plus, with trick-or-treating looming just a few days away, teeth all across the nation are bound to get a hefty dose of extra sugar, regardless your age.

Bearing this in mind, Dr. Tall and his staff have decided to write an article on how you can best help to scare away cavities this Halloween and keep your smile whiter than a ghost.

Don’t Over-Stock on Candy

The first mistake many people make during this time of year is buying too much candy. We don’t blame you! Just walk into any grocery store and try not to fall victim to the towering mounds of candy displays the clerks have constructed.

It’s downright unfair, we say! A trap!

Anyways, one of the best ways to protect your smile during this season of sweets is to not fall victim to the candy companies agendas! Resist the urge to buy more than one or two bags of trick-or-treat candy, depending upon how big your neighborhood is and how many trick-or-treaters you normally get. The key is to get just enough to hand out, no more. You want to run out by the end of the night, not have a ton of candy left over. That way, you resist the urge to keep eating the leftovers after All Hallows Eve.

Leave the Bag Sealed Until Halloween Night!

This is another great trick to help save your teeth from the treats. If you open the bag of candy that you plan on handing out to kids on the evening of Halloween, you will be more likely to keep stealing pieces from it “here and there”.

Keep the bag sealed until the night you plan to hand it all out. Also, keep the bag in the pantry somewhere out of plain sight. Remember out of sight out of mind.

Go for Chocolate Treats

When it comes to sugar and enamel, time is of the essence. Eating foods that are hard and sticky give bacteria more time to consume the sugar stuck to your teeth and more time to then produce the acid that eats away at your enamel.

While chocolate is still a sugary treat, in the spectrum of candy it is probably the best bet for choosing one that has the ability to cause the least damage.


Because chocolate melts very quickly, especially when introduced to the temperature inside your mouth. That means it can easily be diluted by your saliva and washed down when you swallow. Hard, sticky candy like Starbursts and caramels get caught in the grooves of your teeth and...well...sit there. This can spell trouble for your teeth.

Case in point; say yes to chocolate and no to sticky or hard candy.

Until next time readers, have a happy Halloween and keep smiling.

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