Traditional or Electronic? By Mark Tall on May 15, 2015

There have been so many significant advances in dental technology throughout the years, one that we want to give credit to is the electronic toothbrush. When it comes down to it, we do not know how to brush properly to reduce plaque and maintain enamel. We tend to get wrapped up in rushed rituals that hinder our ability to clean the mouth, teeth and gums properly and maximize the potential of the common toothbrush.


Why Tradition is Holding Us Back

We embrace many traditions like decorating a Christmas tree, Easter egg hunts, and Trick- or- Treating on Halloween, however general toothbrush appliances are holding patients back from the level of oral and dental hygiene that we could be reaching. Yes, these dental devices have served us well over the years. The soft but tough bristles that gently scrape along the polished teeth with glided joy have been quite forgiving to our oral health for some time now, however, we encourage you to upgrade to an electronic toothbrush.


Be honest, are you one of those people that brushes left to right, up- down and all around? We understand, which is why we are here to explain what a proper brushing technique consists of and why patients should consider advancing to electronic toothbrushes.


Little do we know, that we are actually weakening enamel drastically and are not even getting the bacteria and plaque off of the teeth. Conventional toothbrushes are generally shaped the same, the large standard brush head with a varying assortment of bristle options, depending on the brand, and wand- like stick that we grip on for dear life. These out-dated models fail not only to get in between important dental crevices, but even neglect to clean all spaces in the mouth due to their abrasive and awkward composition. Dentists and scientists can continue to create different models, shapes, and sizes, but they cannot do anything to prevent the way in which people utilize these utensils. This is where the genius of the chargeable, electronic toothbrush makes a name for itself.


The Modern Massage

With brilliant strides in dental technology, these electronic devices allow us to apply different size heads to a battery- filled wand to enhance our ability to remove plaque and loose food particles in spaces that the traditional brush would not, or could not, even dream of getting to. Creating this circular pattern reduces the invasive and abrasive contact against the teeth and gums, while allowing the removal of loose food particles, plaque build up and bacterial infestations. Tilting the brush to a 45-degree angle toward the gum tissue also allows patients to clean gums and the minuscule spaces in between the gum tissue and roots of the teeth. We also love to remind patients to clean the gums, tongue and under the tongue as well to reduce the amount of bacteria sitting in the mouth.


Another major advantage to this creation is its ability to protect and gently massage the gums while properly brushing the teeth in a counter- clockwise motion. We can actually be our gum's worst enemy with improper dental buffing, especially with over- brushing. The incorrect physical contact that traditional brush heads made with gums, could actually potentially cause them to weaken over time, which can increase patients' risks for developing gum disease or infection. It is imperative that we treat our gums with the respect they deserve while brushing.


Do us, your teeth, enamel and your gums a favor and purchase an electronic toothbrush at your nearest convenient store today. Experience the dental redemption these devices offer and never look at your plain, charge-less toothbrush the same again.  

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